Safe storage and transport of liquids, gases and other mediums

The technological and economic requirements in vessel construction are continuously increasing. In addition, the sector is under high international competitive pressure, which can only be mastered with suitable approaches and innovations. Furthermore, vessel construction has always required an extremely high level of expertise.

Consideration of applicable regulations

In the field of vessel construction, high safety and approval requirements have to be met. For the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, legal regulations must be mentioned in particular. Some requirements are laid down, among others, in the European series of standards "DIN EN 13445: Unfired pressure vessels" and the technical specification "AD 2000 regulations". These sets of regulations also decisively determine the welding processes and must be taken into account from the very beginning when considering the welding processes.

Potential of the welding processes

In fact, different potentials for increasing the productivity or the process capability can be identified and exploited in the welding processes, taking into account the specifications in the technical regulations. Due to our expertise in the various welding processes and the consideration of the applicable regulations, we can support you in this area in a targeted manner. We do not look at the welding process in isolation, but by considering suitable process variables we can also work out potentials in the area of process capability and contribute possible strategies for digitalization of your joining processes.

Contact for your products

Despite the applicable regulations, each vessel has its own special constructional features. The required joining tasks are also different. Our customized approach enables us not only to cover "technological topics", but also to offer further support, for example in training your employees. We only consider our task to be completed when the joining processes in your production run smoothly.