Digitalization of your joining processes

The possibilities in joining technology are becoming more diverse, production processes more fast-moving and the documentation effort more and more complex.

Whether for safeguarding the production process, for the collection of business management parameters or for quality assurance, with our digitalization solutions you always have an overview.

Process monitoring made easy

We offer you hardware and software solutions tailored to your production so that you can continuously monitor your processes and react to unplanned deviations at an early stage.

To this end, we work with you and your employees to develop a solution that meets your requirements. In this way, we ensure a high level of operator acceptance and a noticeable simplification of work processes. On request, we also conduct individual training courses.

The right information for every context

Data alone is rarely useful. In order to obtain relevant information, we carry out an analysis and presentation of the data according to your needs.

This could be, for example, the collection of economic parameters such as the efficiency or capacity utilization of your plant. With our technical expertise and the expertise of our research partner ISF, we can also determine the ideal state of your processes, define intervention limits and react automatically to deviations.

Intelligent processes – networked and forward-looking

In order to be able to intervene in time, it is necessary to detect deviations before they turn into disturbances. With the help of trend analyses, you are warned before it is too late. In this way, downtimes can be reduced, maintenance can be planned in advance or spare parts can be requested just in time.

By integrating our solutions into your network, you retain full control over your data and decide for yourself when, where and for whom which information becomes visible.