Proof of Concept with prototypes

When introducing or revising new joining processes using a new design, a remaining risk can never be completely avoided. Our prototype production proves the feasibility and quality of the joining process. This approach saves you the hassle of unpleasant surprises at the beginning of production.

Close to the welding process

In the joining laboratory of our research partner ISF, we are very close to the welding process during prototype production. With greatest care and under constant supervision by an experienced engineer, we transfer the parameters determined during the process development to your prototype.

Since our approach allows direct observation of the joining process on the test facilities, we are able to detect possible weak points at an early stage and to continuously optimize the process.

Scientifically sound results with practical relevance

In prototype production we leave nothing to chance. We determine the parameters of the joining process in advance and check the results for each relevant setting in accordance with scientifically sound principles. If necessary, we X-ray every single weld seam.

Our conscientious approach ensures the transfer of our prototype production to series production in your company.

Production continues undisturbed

New developments usually come about while production continues in parallel. Since the prototype production takes place in our joining laboratory, your production remains unaffected - until the joining processes for your new products or components run smoothly and without errors.

Thanks to our comprehensive range of equipment, we are able to work under realistic conditions. This way, the results of our prototype production can quickly be transferred to your production facilities.

Valuable feedback

Joining processes in prototype production do not always run smoothly right from the start. Sometimes adjustments of the test facility are necessary. These must be included in the requirement specifications for a new system to be procured.

Sometimes the solution does not lie merely in the joining process itself. It is often the small details such as just minor changes of the design or of previous work steps that enable a safe joining process. As experienced engineers, we support you in the optimization of the design according to joining aspects and think “outside the box” of the joining process, also in your production.

The result of the production is more than a handful of prototypes. It is the certainty that production is safely reproduced in your production environment.