From the lab to production: Implementing joining processes

Introducing a new joining process is usually not possible without affecting your production. To keep your production downtime as short as possible, we thoroughly test your new joining processes and their parameters in the laboratory before their implementation.

The cooperation with our research partner ISF gives us access to modern equipment for almost all current welding and joining processes. In some cases, we even installed and adjusted a new welding system in our laboratory before it was finally delivered and installed - to ensure that everything runs smoothly right from the start of commissioning.

Independent support until the joining process works at its optimum

Not being linked to particular manufacturers, we are independent experts who accompany and support you throughout the entire implementation process. Because it is often difficult to integrate a new joining process into your production at the push of a button, not even after having performed extensive preliminary tests.

Our employees have a wealth of experience that is needed for a fast and reliable identification of causes of problems which may arise. In most cases, such start-up difficulties are overcome by specifically adjusting the parameters.

However, sometimes hardware modifications are required. If so, our communication with your system manufacturers will be on the same expert level. Our extensive network with almost all leading manufacturers helps us to quickly find technically effective solutions.

It is the “overall package” consisting of man and machine that counts

The implementation of a new joining process usually also means new demands on the people working with it. Hence, your employees are, right from the start, part of the implementation process. If required, your employees are offered training which provides background knowledge of the process, its parameterization and its future application possibilities.

After all, what counts in the end for obtaining reliable and efficient production is the entirety, the overall package consisting of man and machine.