Laser welding: Narrow weld seams, high precision

When highly focused light of the same wave length strikes material in phase, a high quantity of energy is, localized, set free. The base metal evaporates. A vapour channel is created through which the laser penetrates deep into the material and melts the edges of the components to be joined. This way, weld seams with a high aspect ratio are achieved.


A broad range of materials can be welded with laser beam welding processes. Laser beam welding is a non-contact process and is especially suited for remote-welding and also for parts which are difficult to access.

Deep and fast

The use of laser welding allows to achieve deep penetration and high welding speed. Due to the highly focused energy input, the micro-structure remains almost completely unaffected and thermal distortion is mostly avoided.

Including the preparation

The remarkable advantages for the weld quality entail, however, many challenges in the preparation of the process. Because of the small effective diameter of the laser radiation, the process comes with many requirements concerning weld preparation, clamping technique and positioning precision.

Based on our many years of experience we identify weak points of the welding process. In doing so, we include the weld preparation which is important and develop improvement proposals, from the design appropriate for the welding process right up to the welding parameters of the welding process itself.

Best conditions for comprehensive testing

The laboratory of our research partner ISF gives us access to state-of-the-art, powerful laser beam sources, such as disk lasers or fibre lasers with a power of up to 16kW. We are also well equipped as far as automation and clamping techniques are concerned and are thus in a position to test manifold scenarios before we give advice.

The overall concept of the system – that is what counts

One fundamental rule is all the more important in laser beam welding: A system is only as strong as its weakest element. Consequently, we develop in cooperation with you comprehensive joining concepts and offer a customised overall package including weld preparation, clamping and automation, right to the appropriate laser beam source.

Basic know-how with practical relevance

In cooperation with the ISF we have developed innovative hybrid processes, for example laser GMA hybrid welding or laser submerged-arc welding. We have, moreover, gained experience in all relevant process variations: basic know-how from which our clients profit.