FEF publishes latest research results in VDI-Z

In the current issue of “VDI-Z Integrated Production” (issue 11-2017), FEF GmbH has published the latest research results under the title "Thermal Joining of Steel and Aluminum". This topic is being researched together with our scientific cooperation partner, the Institute for Welding and Joining Technology at RWTH Aachen (ISF). The article presents the possibility of using a low-melting zinc-based wire to produce steel-aluminium dissimilar joints using a controlled short-arc process.

Modern lightweight concepts are becoming more and more important for the use of steel-aluminum dissimilar joints. The article presents current studies in the field of the production of steel-aluminum dissimilar joints and demonstrates the potential of the joining strategy with zinc-based additive material using a demonstrator component from the field of automotive production.

Further information about the article can be found on the pages of the journal VDI-Z. In addition, our homepage contains a short introduction about the steel-aluminum dissimilar joints technology. If you are interested in further information, please contact us.