FEF publishes article in "Schweißen und Schneiden"

In cooperation with MISUMI and Welding and Joining Institute (ISF) of RWTH Aachen University, the FEF has published an article in the new issue of the German magazine "Schweißen und Schneiden" of DVS.

The article presents a new type of positioning pin, which was developed in this cooperation. With the use of this positioning pin made of steel, the process reliability in car body construction can be increased.

For this reason, a series of research was jointly developed so that different coatings for industrially used positioning pins can be developed and validated in the form of laboratory tests. The results from the laboratory tests were confirmed by field trials in an industrial production environment.

The result is a newly developed positioning pin made of steel, with an aluminum-chromium-nitride coating and optimized surface qualities, which is in the same price segment as conventional ceramic pins.

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