Increase efficiency, improve quality, ensure competitiveness

Competition in shipbuilding is constantly increasing. German and European shipyards in particular will have to expand their technological leadership positions in order to face up to competition from Asia.

Innovative joining processes for your technological advantage

The production of a ship’s hull requires a large number of welds. The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to use innovative joining processes for efficient production with a high quality standard.

In addition to our know-how in all relevant joining processes, we are constantly advancing the state of the art together with our research partner ISF. GMA hybrid welding, for example, which has become established in shipbuilding, is a process which we have helped to develop and introduce into production right from the start.

More efficiency and better quality by automation

Skills shortage, high labour costs and increasing demands on occupational safety and quality are strong arguments for the automation of joining processes in shipyards.

Automation has many different facets. Robot, welding source, clamping technology, sensors for seam detection and process control: The correct interaction of all components is essential in automated welding.

Our cooperation with almost all relevant providers in mutual projects enables us to put together the optimum package for your task, independently and with manufacturers of our choice.

Giants of the seas on a diet

Lightweight construction, which has long been common practice in sectors such as automotive engineering, is also increasingly affecting shipbuilding and brings about new challenges for joining processes. Materials such as high-strength steels shall be welded and adhesive bonding is also gaining in importance as a joining process.

Under these circumstances it is a good thing to have an experienced partner who has already mastered the challenges of lightweight construction in other industries. Through our research partner ISF, we always are at the cutting edge of research.

Successfully introducing individual solutions

Every shipyard is different. Therefore, the joining processes must be optimally adjusted to the production. Ready-made solutions are rarely suitable for shipbuilding.

That is why we approach each task individually. We carry out systematic analyses, extensive tests and evaluations of the welding results. In order to do so, we make use of the well-equipped laboratory of our research partner ISF which enables us to carry out realistic simulations of your production conditions and give practical recommendations.

It goes without saying that we accompany the introduction of new parameters, processes or systems into your production until everything runs smoothly. We value close cooperation in order to transfer as much know-how as possible to your staff and to increase comprehension of the processes. This will allow your staff to adapt the applied process to your next joining task.