Technology and patent transfer

Technological leadership requires continuous further development of technical processes and products. Technology and patent transfer from research institutes are both a prerequisite and a competitive advantage.

A look at new research developments

Within these research initiatives, new technologies and ideas that are waiting to be put into industrial practice are often developed. Through our partnership with RWTH Aachen University, we have continuous insight into the latest developments in the field of joining technology.

Current transfer offers

  1. A new joining process for the production of steel-aluminium dissimilar material joints with a low-melting filler wire based on zinc gives you revolutionary new possibilities.
  2. The thermal direct joining of plastic and metal is a simple yet ingenious technology with many advantages.
  3. Metal inserts (also called "welding islands") offer extraordinary new possibilities for the thermal joining of steel and fibre-reinforced plastics.
  4. The WickEl stent technology offers the opportunity to produce new single-thread stent structures and to replace manually braided stents that are currently on the market.
  5. The newly developed "friction welding connector" technology can be used for a wide range of electrical connection elements.