The optimal joining process for your application

As an expert in your domain, you develop sophisticated products and components. The further the progress in your field, the higher the requirements set on your joining technology. It is often technically impossible to join new designs and structures using conventional methods.

Selecting the optimal joining process

In our capacity as specialists for joining processes, we analyze the requirements resulting from your products or components in cooperation with you. In doing so, we take internal company restrictions as well as upstream and downstream production steps into consideration.

Our broad and deep experience as well as our long-standing contacts to manufacturers of joining systems enable us to profoundly evaluate technologies and machines.

In this way, we succeed in finding the best solution for your individual requirements across technologies.

Hands-on experience is better than dull theory

We do not have to rely on theory, technical specifications and promises of manufacturers. Thanks to our partnership with the ISF, we have access to perfectly equipped joining laboratories where we test the selected joining process and adapt them to suit your needs.

Developing new joining processes

A “ready-made” joining process does not always meet all requirements resulting from your task. In this case, it is necessary to do some groundwork first. Together with our research partner ISF, we are working on developing new joining processes from scratch and putting them into practice in cooperation with you.

Cooperative support until production is in full swing

We consider ourselves your partner in joining technology and we will support you all the way after process selection or development. We contribute our many years of practical experience not only to the preparation of investment decisions but also to the implementation of joining processes.