Preparing and coaching investments in joining technology

Investment in a new joining technology is a decision of enormous importance for your future competitiveness. Costs for investment in joining equipment have a long depreciation period and, therefore, the investment must not only meet current requirements but has also to be prepared for future developments.

In our function as technically experienced specialists in almost all common joining processes, we support you in this important decision.

Determination of requirements

In order to evaluate your investment alternatives appropriately, the demands made on the new system have to be clearly specified. This applies to the demands of today as well as the demands of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Together, we analyze the joining demands of your products and components and also examine the interfaces to upstream and downstream production steps. We always keep an eye on technological trends and developments and ensure this way that your investment is prepared for the future.

As a result of this process, a clear specification sheet is prepared, which serves as a basis for tenders or inquiries to system manufacturers.

Detailed Comparisons

Offers from system manufacturers in welding and joining technology often differ in minor details. However, these subtle details often determine whether the equipment is technically suitable to meet your specific demands.

Our many years of experience help us to compare offers of different system manufacturers on a technical level. If required, we take a responsible part in communication with the providers and obtain necessary information. We are, at the same time, fully independent of manufacturers and we commit ourselves solely to your success.

Ultimately, we provide you with a decision paper that includes all aspects of the previously prepared specifications, takes follow-up costs into account and also addresses opportunities and risks for future developments.

Assisting in the introduction

However, we do not consider the matter closed with preparing the decision paper. During the implementation of joining processes we support you until the system is put into operation and runs smoothly.