Occupational safety and environmental protection in joining technology

Wearing personal protective equipment is a basic requirement for welders. However, there are other potential hazards in welding besides light and heat radiation. For example, many processes produce welding fume emissions that are injurious to health. These welding fume emissions consist of particulate substances and gases that cannot always be completely filtered out of the air, even when extraction systems are used.

So that you know, where you stand

The harmfulness and welding fume emission rate of the welding fumes released is primarily dependent on the selected welding process, the process parametrization and the used materials. Together with our research partner ISF, we carry out gravimetric as well as chemical-analytical welding fume investigations for you under specific consideration of the production-related boundary conditions. These investigations can help you, for example, in the preparation of risk assessments in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. On request, we can also prepare qualified welding fume data sheets according to ISO 15011-4 for your applications.

Emission minimization and immission protection - for people and the environment

Especially when selecting a new welding process, there is a lot of potential to optimize processes, applications and occupational safety. We accompany you right from the start and check process variants, used materials and process sequences with regard to the formation and spread of harmful substances. However, we can also carry out investigations on your premises under real production conditions during continuous production and work with you to develop optimizations for reducing emissions and protecting employees from immissions - for a better working environment for people and the environment.

One partner for all processes

We see ourselves as your joining technology partner with profound process know-how for all common welding processes. When selecting, optimizing or substituting welding processes, we advise you comprehensively not only on the aspects of economy, efficiency and quality, but also on occupational safety and environmental protection.