We bring out the best in your GMAW-process

In GMAW (gas metal arc welding), a continuous wire electrode serves as welding filler material. The electric arc is protected by shielding gas and provides the required electric power.

As a reliable welding process, GMA-welding is nowadays used in many fields. The required investments are comparatively low and the process is easy to automate.

Complexity lies in diversity

Over the years, the process of GMA-welding has been developed further which resulted in a variety of different welding processes for, sometimes, special application areas and specific advantages and disadvantages.

Various manufacturers of power sources offer their, sometimes very similar, process variations under own tradenames. It is sometimes difficult to select the optimal equipment from among this wide range of products.

Assembling the ideal technology package

Each welding task is unique.  Especially in GMA welding it is crucial to assemble the appropriate technology package which fulfills the individual requirements best without exceeding the budget.

To that end, a thorough analysis of requirements and restrictions and comprehensive knowledge are necessary. Only if these requirements are met, the result will be a complete package including process variation, welding technology, weld preparation, process parameters, process boundary conditions and, if required, process monitoring.

Full access to GMAW-processes

In the joining laboratory of our research partner ISF we have access to all relevant GMA processes - from classic short-arc, spray-arc and pulsed-arc to controlled and forced short-arcs right to hybrid processes.

Combined with our extensive measurement technology and years of experience with all relevant GMAW-processes, we are able to find the ideal option and correct parameters for your welding task.

Manufacturer neutrality

Co-operating with almost all notable welding source manufacturers in Europe, we are strictly independent of manufacturers. Our independence allows us to find the best solution for our clients.