Rails connect, so do we

Rail vehicles have been among the most important means of transport lor a long time, both for passengers and goods. Due to the ecological and economic challenges of our time, rail transport will continue to grow in importance. In order to ensure resource-efficient and sustainable transport on tracks for the future, great efforts have already been made in recent years, especially in the modern lightweight design of rail vehicles. Lightweight design in the context of reil vehicles is increasingly taking advantage of modern material alloys, which contribute to the reduction of the total system weight of rail vehicles. This is where we step in with our expertise in the area of joining technologies. Hand in hand with you and for your products, we develop the ideal joining strategy: Starting by the selection of materials and a joining-compatible design to the implementation and optimization of joining processes.

A partnership that bonds

In addition to welding technology, adhesive bonding takes on a superior significance in rail vehicle construction. Particularly in the filed of passenger wagons, the pursuit of a lightweight design strategy necessitates the increased utilization of materials that cannot be joined by means of conventional welding processes. Fiber composites are a prominent example in this context. In addition, there are established areas of application for bonded joints such as glazing and paneling. The decisive question in this context is the selection of the ideal bonding system.

We will be happy to advise you here! Our experts in the field of low-heat joining processes have been working for years with all the well-known manufacturers of bonding systems and are glad to support you on the way to the optimal solution. Your benefit: we are independent and can advise you objectively.

With the right drive

For us, it goes without saying that a technological solution must always be considered from an economic point of view. Thus, from the selection of the ideal joining technology to the implementation of new joining processes in your production to the optimization of joining connections, we always keep an eye on the factors of time and costs.

Tailored to yot needs

Thanks to our extensive experience in rail transport and our many years of cooperation with well-known manufacturers, suppliers and world market leaders, we find the right solution for every joining challenge.

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