Your partner for the smallest metallic joints

Microsystems are already in use today in a large number of parts and components - for example in the fields of medical technology, mobility, energy technology and information technology. It can be assumed that the variety of components in the field of micro technology will continue to grow in the future. Suitable joining technology plays a decisive role in the targeted use of micro technology in these areas.

Economic efficiency in focus

Systems in the field of micro technology can usually only find their way into applications if they can be manufactured at reasonably low cost. This can be specifically influenced by the selection of a suitable joining process. Because of our cooperation with research centers of RWTH and our own years of experience in the industry, we can support you here both in fundamental scientific research questions and in concrete production-relevant issues, such as process suitability and process robustness of your joining processes.

Latest joining technology know-how

For the practical investigation of joining processes in the field of micro technology, we have a wide range of suitable joining methods at our disposal. Examples are joining processes such as micro plasma welding, micro electron beam welding or laser beam welding. For the smallest joint welds, for example, sufficiently high positioning accuracy and repeatability are elementary. Since every application in the field of micro joining poses different challenges, we will be glad to assist you in selecting a suitable joining process for your application. In addition, we can test produced joints in our laboratory and examine and evaluate them with regard to optimization potential - also on your spot.

Keeping an eye on materials engineering issues

When selecting and optimizing your joining processes, we take into account metallurgical peculiarities in the joining of very small components, such as the formation of intermetallic phases in the production of mixed joints, within the overall joining context. Here, of course, our material experts can also advise you on the technological selection of suitable alloys for your future applications or components.