Energy Technology of tomorrow: environmentally friendly and economically produced

The energy revolution in the energy technology sector requires complex new and advanced product developments. Not only must emissions be reduced, but a stable energy supply must also be ensured. This requires constantly new and improved concepts for generating, distributing, converting and storing energy.

The right joining process for the required application

In addition to a large field of application such as e-mobility, Energy Technology offers a wide range of options for a successful energy revolution. These can involve electricity storage systems, power transmission systems, inverters and rectifiers, heat pumps, etc. Even established components such as modern heating systems are subject to constant further development. In all these products, the use of joining technology solutions is required to connect individual components. We support you in increasing the efficiency of your joining technology solutions.

Hybrid joints as a joining technology challenge

For many of these new technologies, various materials and alloys adapted to the application are used. Hybrid joints such as copper-aluminium compounds, but also the most diverse material-specific hybrid joints can be used. This makes it necessary to use the most suitable joining processes for the respective application. The selection of a suitable joining process can usually increase the degree of utilization of the material properties.

Focus on profitability

In order to bring your ambitious and future-oriented products to the market, economical production must already be taken into account in the design and development phase. Cost-driving factors can be kept within limits right from the start by specifically matching the joining process and design to the later application.

For this reason, we support you already during the development phase of your products by focusing on the most suitable joining processes. We support you with our broad and deep experience in the field of joining processes and always keep the economic component in mind. Of course, we also transfer and illustrate the findings for you by producing prototypes in the laboratory, because experience values alone are often not enough for your development and investment costs.

One partner for the entire joining technology area

In the field of Energy Technology, we see ourselves as your joining technology partner with extensive experience. We support you and your employees until the joining processes in your production run smoothly.