Implementing functional requirements in a visually appealing way

Whether residential buildings, offices or manufacturing halls: The demand on buildings is always to combine functionality and well-being. Structures and material combinations are constantly changing - and so is the ideal joining process for these tasks.

Design with steel elements - for open living space

In areas where people live or work together in a confined space, there is often a need for width and distance. Supporting structures made of steel, for example in combination with glass, make it possible to create buildings that appear open and flooded with light, while allowing for flexible design. To ensure the durability, but also the appearance of your designs, the chosen welding process is of great importance. Please contact us for information on the selection and standard-compliant implementation of welding processes. 

Structural glazing - innovation in facade design

We are also the right contact for you in the field of bonding technology. Among other things, our research partner, the ISF of RWTH Aachen, has successfully tested load-bearing adhesively bonded joints, for example for structural glazing. For this purpose, for example, tensile and tensile shear tests were carried out taking into account material softening, strain rate dependence and geometric influences, and characteristic properties of hyperelastic silicone adhesives and defined load conditions were investigated in order to be able to make statements about the load-bearing capacity of such adhesively bonded joints.

Architectural lightweight construction

Lightweight construction now also plays a central role in the disciplines of civil engineering and architecture. A resource- and energy-saving concept ensures sustainable, environmentally friendly buildings. Materials such as aluminium or high-strength steels are used as well as compositions of different or new materials and unusual supporting structures. We will be happy to discuss with you which joining method is the right one to master these challenges. This gives you full transparency and control over your joining tasks, enabling you to achieve the optimum joining result. We do not only focus on welding, but are also your contact for adhesive bonding technology or hybrid joining processes.

We look forward to hearing from you!